I decided to start bloging again. I saw myself in a new situation with new insights. so I came up with “The DevOps” blog idea.

The Name

As I said I saw myself in a new situation. Now I’m a DevOps. I have different different goals and concerns. So I looked around and the most frequent and relevant word that I found was “DevOps”. So I simply named my blog “The DevOps” which is refering to me as a DevOps.

The Idea

“The DevOps” will be a place for me to share my ideas and insights around mostly the “DevOps” subject which for me it includes: Maintainability, Scalability, Microservices, Cloud, Golang, Python and more on. I’d like to write about anything that thrills me, maybe one day a non-DevOps thing and maybe some other day a deep and on-edge-of-science DevOps thing.

Good Luck

I’ve always wanted to have a kinda-successful blog, but I always was too lazy to be a good blogger. I wish and try hard to make this time different. so I wish myself a “Good Luck”.

Here and always feel free to comment :)