Let me introduce TehPUG. TehPUG is the Tehran Python Users Group like any other PUG around the world. People who love python or have heard it recently and want to learn more about it. We have meetups every month. Come and join us if you love python too.

A little background

I was new to python when I joined TehPUG in its early days. There were people who helped me learn more about python and even give me a chance to do some practical stuffs. I’m very grateful to each one of them individually. Time passed by and I integrated more and more with TehPUG and finally became one of it’s core member. Now I had the chance to help others as I was helped

How to make TehPUG better

So I wanted to do something to make TehPUG better, motivate others to participate, learn, have fun and etc. I had some ideas that I talk about it a little here.

The talks

I remember before TehPUG became deactivated the main problem of was that we didn’t have anyone to give a talk and so everyone who had a little interest in TehPUG would have said to itself that “why should I even go? there nothing going on there”. Yes, that’s right. So when TehPUG was reactivated, I decided to have a talk every session as long as someone volunteered to give a talk. I think it had it’s effect on TehPUG’s activity. what do you think?

The mentorship program

I don’t remember exactly when, but at a point I decided to run an mentorship program as there were some people who knew python well and wanted to be mentor of someone who’s starting to learning. I gathered about 30 people. I really don’t know why but it disappeared!! The mentees were supposed to follow up the program but what I saw was that they didn’t have any interests in the program and I was curious why did they registered to be part of it at first place? any thought on this?

The Battlefield

So far until now I have “The talks” that has been good but it just helps the meetup sessions be better, and a “failed program”. So I thought of an idea to integrate the people more with TehPUG and each other. I call it “Battlefield”. I’ll write a detailed post about it soon.

I’d be happy if you let me know what do you think.