There are three general services I’ve listed below. See if there’s anything suitable for you and if you found one just let me know by sending me an email and we’ll discuss it further.
If you didn’t find any of the services suitalble for you and you were still willing to discuss something on your mind with me just let me know.

If you want to get to know me better, you can read about me.

Professional Consulting

If you’re facing these kind of problems I may be able to help you.

  • You have a large software that it’s gettin harder and harder to develop it.
  • You’re constantly missing deadlines and you’re team’s performance is poor.
  • You have an unstable software to maintain with a lot of downtimes.
  • You want to start developing a new software and you’re not sure about where to start and how.
  • You’re having performance issues with your software.

Or in other words, If you know your problems and you’re looking for these solutions.

  • You need software architecture advices.
  • You want to improve your team’s processes and increase delivery.
  • You need infrastructure advices to increase reliability.
  • You need performance optimization.

Career Coaching

If you’re working as one of these positions (Backend, Frontend, DevOps, SRE, Data Engineer, Product Manager, Team Leader) and you need a coach to help you grow and build a stronger career, I may be able to help you.

Note: If you need to learn more about your Career Coaching, I’ve written a blog post on the subject you could read.

There are no limit to what you can discuss and get coaching for it, but these are some examples to give some ideas.

  • You need to improve your CV.
  • You want to get a promotion.
  • You’re thinking about changing your field into one of the positions I’ve mentioned above.
  • You need to improve your technical skills and go deeper.
  • You want to develop you soft skills or improve your managerial skills.

Technical Mentorship

If you’ve started coding in Python or Golang recently and you need help to speed up your learning and gain experiences by working on real world project with my supervision and getting constant feedback to help you grow, I may be able to help you.

  • A program somewhere between 5 to 12 weeks long to develop a real world application.
  • Implementing industry best practices and common process such as
    • agile project management
    • Code review
    • Writing test cases
    • CI/CD