Bus passengers

Can You Solve This?

Today when I was riding the bus I thought “would it be possible to efficiently utilize the seats so that each individual would sit as long as possible?”. The short answer is for reality is probably “NO!” but let’s have fun with the problem in theory at least :) Let’s say that we have a bus route with 50 stops and the distance between each consecutive pair is constant. The bus has 20 seats (Let’s focus on one bus for now)....

February 10, 2023 · 2 min · Mehdi Khoshnoodi

The journey of blogging for fun

As long as I remember, I’ve always enjoyed blogging and wanted to do it more. But unfortunately, it never happened. Recently, I came to realize that the high standards I had for the quality of my posts were possibly the most important reason not to write. Basically, I had always wanted a professional blog! By professional, I mean a blog which the author makes a living out it; and maybe some other people as well!...

August 15, 2020 · 6 min · Mehdi Khoshnoodi

Fun Hack: Copy commands to a local VM without clipboard

I was following an instruction to deploy an application on a Virtualbox VM and I wanted to execute the long commands. By default it’s not possible to copy those command into the VM. VirtualBox has a shared clipboard feature which I tried to get it working but it didn’t happen so I didn’t dig into it and I came up with a funny hack :D I sent the commands through a socket :)...

July 14, 2017 · 1 min · Mehdi Khoshnoodi